Giving back to the Community: The Longsight Project

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Perspective: Giving back to the Community: The Longsight Project

Giving back to the Community: The Longsight Project


Longsight Community Centre is based in a historical building, over 100 years old, on Stockport Road in Longsight, Manchester. Unfortunately, in 2010 the Centre had to close due to austerity cuts. For years, various community organisations were keen to develop Longsight Youth Centre but the huge task of renovation always outstripped funds, skills and resources. It stood empty for nearly a decade, until 2019 when a local charitable group, Manchester Vineyard developed a plan to reopen it.

When the institution originally opened, it formed the most important educational facility in the Longsight district, it provided a library, reading room, elementary school and classes for foreign languages, so it seems appropriate that Manchester Vineyard carry on this legacy. After strenuous fundraising, they managed to acquire the building and renamed it 422 Manchester.

They managed to gather the support from the Oglesby Charity Trust who provided the funding for a lift installation and teamed up with their corporate partner Bruntwood and engineering consultants, Lecs UK to utilise their knowledge and expertise. Amspec were chosen on behalf of Bruntwood to deliver the project and we agreed to do this at cost price to support Manchester Vineyard.

Careful planning and 3D design modelling ensured the integration of the new lift installation fitted into the building’s unique arrangement, and for the first time, will enable people with mobility issues to access the magnificent first floor hall.


 The windows of the lift include manifestations with the signature Manchester worker bee.

Longsight is a richly diverse, multicultural area but is underserved in terms of amenities the whole community can access. Cameron Higgs, QS at Bruntwood says “The idea of supporting the community by making the space accessible to everyone was hugely appealing.”  He got to see first-hand some of the vital community work in action at 422, including NHS clinics, playgroups, Bollyfit classes and many other important activities. He has also witnessed the building serving a community in crisis: rising numbers of food pantry customers are being welcomed, and a little dignity restored.

Since the completion of the work on the centre, Manchester Vineyard have taken multiple wedding bookings. For first time, the 422 are able to hold Mother & baby classes in the second floor hall. The restoration of the building and the accessibility of the hall means they are able to make much more efficient use of their upstairs space. 


The transformation of the building from 2021 to 2023.

The reopening of the Centre will make a massive difference to the people of the community. It will create jobs, promote economic growth, help develop social skills and reduce isolation. Amspec were proud to work alongside Bruntwood, The Oglesby Charity Trust and Manchester Vineyard and recognise the value of this important charitable project.


Images of Amspec constructing the lift installation - hung up in the community centre.

Some of the Amspec & Bruntwood team visited the site on Tuesday 14th of March to mark the completion of the refurbishment.